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Corbin was founded in 1947 by Nathanial Corbin. Initially founded as a “trouser only” company, Corbin now sells men’s trousers and clothing. Our trousers and clothing are sold primarily in better specialty stores, better department stores, better catalogs and better pro shops.

Corbin is a brand customers know and love. Over the past 60 years, literally millions of customers have purchased Corbin trousers. Why? Corbin trousers are known for their fit. Simply put, they fit better than any other trouser. The Corbin fit is known for a slightly lower front rise. This makes the trouser less “baggy” in the front, while still allowing for a comfortable scooped seat in the back. Corbin clothing is a traditional fit, not too big or too small. A man who tapes 42” in the chest will typically fit in a size 42 Corbin jacket. Our fit is timeless. If you purchase a Corbin trouser or suit today, you won’t be out of style in the years to come. Corbin products are well constructed, making them an outstanding combination of fit and value.

Better fit – better fabrics – better value – better stock programs- better custom trouser programs – better service….better try Corbin.