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  • Begin the process by measuring the chest. The proper way to do this is have the gentleman raise the arms slightly. A position with the elbows level with the shoulders is sufficient. Position the tape measure so it crosses over the shoulder blades of the back and at the thickest portion of the chest, usually across the breast area. Suits are usually sized according to this measurement, so if the gentleman has a 40-inch chest measurement, he will wear a size 40 suit.

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    Measure the arm length. This is accomplished by having the gentleman lower the arm to his side and cup his fingers into a light grip. Measure from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers in the grip position. Pre-tailored suits are usually sold as shorts, longs, and regulars. The arm measurement helps to determine which of these three designations will be most appropriate for the jacket.

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    Measure the waist for the pants. Be sure to measure at the waist position that the gentleman normally wears the pants. In general, the waist size on a pre-made suit will be six inches less than the chest measurement. Knowing the actual waist size in advance will provide some idea of how much tailoring needs to be done in order to make the pants a perfect fit around the waist.

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    Finally, measure the legs for the pants. Many pre-made suits do not come with a finished hem, which makes it possible to alter the pants to fit the height of the buyer. First, take the outside leg measurement by beginning at the waist and measuring to the area just above the heel. For the inside leg measurement, begin at the crotch and measure to the ankle bone. These two figures should result in a hem that will break properly over the top of the shoes without puddling.

  • To Measure Height:
    Stand against a wall (shoeless). Place a flat ruler across top of head to wall. measure from that point down to the floor.The following guide will show you the appropriate length for your jacket.
  • 54 to 57 = Short
    57 _ to 511 = Regular
    511 _ to 62 _ = Long
    63 + Up = Extra Long

  • 5'2" to 5'5" Extra Short